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Mod maker ease of use ideas.
//Main idea for the mod maker
I noticed you can drag items in the mod maker, but I believe it would be helpful to have a 3 axis slider to move it along, if you wish to move it on the X axis, click the red bar and drag, translating the object on the correct axis. In addition to a three axis slider it would help to be able to hold a key like Ctrl, while dragging to lock it to specific increments of travel, this distance per move could be altered by holding control and scrolling up or down(with a range from 0.5f-10). (SEE ATTACHED IMAGE BELOW for three axis slider and default cube)

-(F) = switching between free came and fixed cam in the mod maker.

-Delete/Del = Deleting selected object

-(Z) = wireframe / face rendering
-Camera speed dependent on distance to object maybe?(With limits to prevent hyper speed travel.)

-Group select objects
-Zooming the camera in and out(FOV)
-And lastly, changing the shapes of the limbs on the tori / uke model.(Primitives)(I want to make a crocodile)
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