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turn off new brown text display for client chat
I think the new chat is pretty horrible being brown tbh. If the names were a different color to identify yourself, that would be cool, but I really don't like seeing such an out of place color while im trying to read and reread chat.

Apparently, im not the only one.
Chickster: I literally don't know why I did it.
Or at least add an option for it, a clearer way to disable it than what is.
It's me, the one who stole your sandwich, oh and also part of the Event Squad
Hit me up if you need anything!

Ps. Elmindreda is kinda cute tho :o
haha get rekt typh~min
EliZ: I have a crippling sugar addiction | Elmindreda: eli do be kinda cute tho, hmu sometimes | Typh: Splish splash Aeon is big trash.
Lmao remember when your clan died and since you couldn't get a season two you just redid the same adventure xdddd. SAO got more seasons but you guys just did a firefly.
Lmao whos aeon???| bro I haven't been here in a while.. what's poppin gang - Typh
I will always be proud of how far we got with Boxshu United. Ty all for a wonderful time!~ EliZ