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Item Forgers News!

Toribash presents...

(Item Forgers)

The Team.

Founder of the Item Forgers.
Head coder.
Icon maker.
Reta & Tinerr
Item Forger coder.
Idea man.
3D Artist
Banner maker/artist.
Texture Artist
3D Artist
Texture Artist
3D Artist
3D Artist
3D Artist
What we do, and plan to do.

Our primary and only goal is to bring you, the toribashians new and exciting items to trick out your tori, or even power them up...
What lies in wait for you from the Forgers is and will always be a mystery, but we promise to make you happy with every release!



All items under hints are not set in stone, and may not even be made. We will not reveal information or answer questions about the items either.


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More new items now in shop!

The Grand Sakura Tree

Made by Goat
125,000 TC (115,000 TC this weekend)

Head Hunter's Strap

Made by Flow, upgradeable and retexturable item
50,000 TC / 8 ST (45,000 TC / 7 ST this weekend)
Level 2 upgrade requirements: 250 games played, 50K TC
Level 3 upgrade requirements: 750 games played, 100K TC
Each level adds 1 additional head to the strap


New items!

Straw Hat

Made by Goat, upgradeable item
15,000 TC / 5 ST (-20% this weekend)
Level 2 upgrade requirements: 1,000 games played, 10K TC

Grandmaster's Beard

Made by Goat
10,000 TC / 4 ST (-25% this weekend)

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I would love to see a OldSchool Runescape party hat as a 3D item!! This would look really cool in Toribash in my opinion… Since there are many color variations of this item on Runescape (Purple, Blue, White, Red, Green and Yellow)
If this item were to be made and released in Toribash it could be just 1 color, I would not complain…
If we have a Minecraft diamond helmet on this game, why not have a Runescape party hat?