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you both are weak af

heres a nude photo of me. not even trying to flex btw ;))


I can tell you skip leg days
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where are all the egirls
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<Reta> can I fire him yet ?
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where are all the egirls

I'm right here u homo
[19:32] <@darilu-kun> tori = furry, bash = pride
Hey guys i think this is the application thread, so I'll post here.

I now have a baby on the way so I need a good place to raise my kid and what better place than around a bunch of birds. Also i have a picture of Courtney with a parrot hat on i dont remember if i showed yall. Its a nice picture. pls take me bak

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Ping's a good boy, and I am amazed at whatever magic he used to secure that woman genes for his heir..

But yeah, he's a good boy and I bet he'd be good at numberwang.
I still don't know wtf numberwang is

Let 'em in

[Evil] is recruiting!

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