nice deppy, though saw it on fb already givemesomething new..aka some exculsive gig vids

also albus you must be genetically engineered
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Hahaha ikr it's a cowboy outfit for kids I got when I was around 6 y.o ; it's now my ceremonial suit for concerts ^^

Thx guys

you haven't grown since you were 6? You must have been a giant child. :P
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Your messed up world enthrills me
Albus's eyes are the best.
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Here it is Willy, a little peak :3 Hope u guys enjoy, some little mistakes but wuz first concert of the band so fukit it's allowed. Gonna upload another one tomorrow or the day after ^^

We've had some good improvement on our sound/matter during our last rehearsals afterwise, thanks to the advices of the sound guy from that concert. Can't wait for da next gig, gonna be hella danker

It was sick! Thanks for the video, enjoyed it much ^^

it looked like a nice small warm gig.

Yeah how you set up the sound system definitely matters a lot!! just check out npr's videos

can't wait for some more
Your messed up world enthrills me