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Here it is Willy, a little peak :3 Hope u guys enjoy, some little mistakes but wuz first concert of the band so fukit it's allowed. Gonna upload another one tomorrow or the day after ^^

We've had some good improvement on our sound/matter during our last rehearsals afterwise, thanks to the advices of the sound guy from that concert. Can't wait for da next gig, gonna be hella danker

Pretty cool! Remember the practice room records you uploaded a few months ago.. nice to see that you guys are now ready to rock!

I probably don't look as cool as you do.. but at least I have a guitar too ;)

Lefthand Stratocaster

Thanks BB ! We're focusing on an album for the 2016/2017 season, so I hope we'll have some better quality stuff to share in a few months ^^

You look pretty cool on stage m8, Teh chill phlegm of da blues man ;o What's your strat model ?

Also luk guyz, I grew a beard during the past few months, im going full viking !

Nice beard man! And the haircut is extravaganza ;)

It's a Mexico.. it's pretty hard to find a payable U.S.A. for leftys.
But my favorite one is a Sunrise - Les Paul. It's from 1972 and was made especially for a lefthanded guy. It's nearly impossible to find a lefthand guitar from the 70s this days. I was just pretty lucky. And.. yeah.. it's just a great rock-guitar. I'll post you a pic sometime.
My beard says thanks guys :3

Yes BB gief guitar pics ! Is the 70's lefty LP one of yours or is it one you want but can't find ? ^^