Good luck too all.

This is the pure win and i think its the biggest request ever made.

I think you could spend 300k on this, and get a same smexy set, and spend the other 700k for smexy items.

But your decission, good luck.
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Ok, i dont think anyone apart from cevius could do a 1mill texture set.
But i shall also give it a go! Once i finish up this 350k set i am working on..

As far as I know, Cevius doesn't make texture sets for requests anymore. Not really sure why you keep bringing him up.

I would work on this, except I don't do cute stuff. I doubt Nightmare will do it, either. >.>

lol cute death robot gogo

"i wish i could do that ken watanabe face where his eyes are really wide" -siku 2015
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Even me doesn't do cute stuffs "mine are more evliness/robotic D:"
OH,Well good luck to the other textures artists that gonna try this
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I'm gonna make a realistic geisha.

*gets hard....core*
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Seems only DarkJack is the only one intrested in this.....Everyone else is withdrawing..
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I will not be checking in on this thread, so I will be predicting the winner and congratulating him before he wins.


BenDover VS. DarkJak


Congratz Ben! Great texture set you made there!

I think i may host a one million/two million texture set making thread after this one dies.
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