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toribash links
How do we get our to work?

Is it because of the hack or is there something to fill or activate, because there is a lot of links that doesn't work.

Sorry if the question is stupid or anything, i'm new and still trying to grasp things.

Thanks in advance.
i'm not sure if i'm right but ppl who already visited and then went to , the link wont work. if this doesn't answer you question (or you need to know how to make this link for your username), PM me!
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To apply customize your link, you have to go here, and then customize it.

Do that then copy the address.
Also, somewhat of a side note to make text like how firbolty had Here as a link. It uses BB coding.

[7URL=put the URL here]Text you want it to show[/URL]

Remove the 7 when you type.
If you want to make it so it isn't obvious that it's an on.toribash thing.
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^That's the complicated way to do it. Just press on the "insert link" button above your post, and paste the link there.
i have been tryin to do dat thx for explainen
I think i worked
http:// it
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