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ToriCombat League

Calling all clans to the ToriCombat League. This league is a test of skill and strategy between top clans. Some of you will fail miserably, others will rise to the occasion. Only one of you, however, can be ToriCombat League Champions.

- Maximum participants per clan: 10
- Minimum participants per clan: 5
- No alternate accounts
- Participants must have been their clan at least 2 weeks before this post
- In application to join event you must list ALL players participating
- Maximum clans for sign-up: 16
- Pinging first 2 turns will not result in a win
- Pinging 3 turns or further into the game will result in winning player to receive the win or in a rematch depending on the circumstances
- Mods must be cycled in correct order during every clan war, mod cycle order is the same as modlist order
- Winning player stays on, once you lose you may not play any more matches that round
- Round is won when all players present in a server are eliminated
- There must be at least 5 roster members from each clan present during a match


You will play in a clan war cycling through 5 of the official ToriCombat League mods. Choose your first player. Winning player stays on, losing player can not play any more games for the current clan war. Single elimination tournament style. Submit your complete matches by posting players who competed, the mod, and replays.

(always put winning player first)

[NO] vs [bncy]

[NO]toriplayer69 beat [bncy]weirdguy42 in tcl_wushu.tbm
[NO]toriplayer69 beat [bncy]eminemfan13 in tcl_groundkido.tbm
[NO]toriplayer69 beat [bncy]superfitkiddo in tcl_ninjutsu.tbm
[NO]toriplayer69 beat [bncy]piemenoid in tcl_joust.tbm
[NO]toriplayer69 beat [bncy]bagman87 in tcl_cqcfixed.tbm

[NO] wins

- High gravity wushu mod, defeat your opponent head on or maneuver around the arena and touch the opposing flag to win.

- Slam your opponent to the ground in order to do damage, pin them to win, standard dq outside of dojo.

- Floating start, dqtimeout on ALL ground touches, use platforms around you to continue combat.

- Close quarters combat, any touch dq outside of dojo, body dq inside of dojo.

- Joust into stage, touch center orb to win, choose to block and pummel your opponent or use your movement to reach orb.

Exclusive 'Clan Banner' Item (no preview yet) - Made by Goat*
500k TC split among all participants or sent to clan bank*
30000 Perk Points
10 ST for each participant*
Unique clan achievement

300k TC split among all participants or sent to clan bank*
20000 Perk Points
5 ST for each participant*

200k TC split among all participants or sent to clan bank*
10,000 Perk Points
3 ST for each participant*

*For members who played at least 2 matches

(bonuses to be earned throughout event and rewarded at end of the event)

Hard Carry
- Win 15 or more games for your clan individually
*earn 40k TC + Shoveler's Shovel 3d item + A Luxurious Cigar 3d item

Decap Artist
- Get the most decaps in the event (minimum of 3)
*earn 20k TC + Spear Gallery 3d item

- Win 10 games in a way other than dq or points.
*earn 40k TC + U.F.O 3d item







(Female) vs [fl0w]
[Spark] vs [RelaxAll]
[Hack] vs [w]
[Aeon] vs [Damned]
(nest) vs [Alpha]



(Female) Iron Men
[Hack] Hack
[Aeon] Aeon
(Nest) Nest
[Alpha] Alpha
[w] win
[Damned] Damned
[RelaxAll] RelaxAll
[fl0w] fl0w
[Spark] Spark

~Any questions please post directly in this thread.
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My bad it should be fixed now. For the future though, if you use Discord as proof please make sure you at least include who is who. It's hard to tell what's up when someone from a participating clan says they "ff" then don't and a screen is posted with two names I don't recognize.
Hi, I'm an SMod, CS, and ES. have any questions or want to send me an application? PM me.

splish splash Aeon is trash

Damned vs Win
beat [w]Karstnator in tcl_wushu.tbm
[Damned]Taekkyo beat [w]Woeb in tcl_groundkido3.tbm
[w]Ancient beat [Damned]Taekkyo in tcl_ninjutsu.tbm
[w]Ancient beat [Damned]Nikorn in tcl_cqcfixed.tbm
[Damned]Mephistopheles beat [w]Ancient in tcl_joust.tbm
[Damned]Mephistopheles beat [w]alejandro2 in tcl_wushu.tbm
[Damned]Mephistopheles beat [w]weregamer in tcl_groundkido3.tbm
Final score [Damned] 5 - 2 [W]
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Because of a change in the way the tournament is working typhon and I have decided to alter the rules slightly.
The change in question was to the rule: "Round is won when all players are eliminated." This rule has been changed to "Round is won when all players present in the server have been eliminated." Additionally, we have added another rule which states: "There must be at least 5 roster members from each clan present during a match."
These changes were made to prevent clans from endlessly running away once the score is 5-X and claiming their clan still has a chance.
These changes were made prior to starting the current round, they just hadn’t been posted about yet.