Market Squad Recruitment Drive
Thank you all for welcoming me! I am trying to be more active on the forum. You can find me on discord to reach me. I am very active there. Ribbit.
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HEy yAll it's that time of year again CLAN LEAGUE. If you wanna participate let me know some how i'll probably make a thread for it when it gets closer
Hey Guy's, I just want to let you know I'm going through a big move at the moment with family, so I'm still alive I've just been really busy lately. Once I have the time and I'm settled I'll jump back on and play, until then I probably won't be on as much :/
AHHHHH Clan league sign-ups are officially here post in here if you wanna do the do
hey so ummmmm i don't know haw to lead a clan the leaders i were here for left the one person who was suppose to help me kinda bailed almost no one's on any more the forum is dead i don't know what im doing sorry to do this but i'm out. sorry i couldn't run the clan
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Yo, how's everyone going. We need to try and get some more activity on the clans thread. Hope everyone's doing well
ok guys im officially back in the clan on my main, some changes will be happening in the later future that we discussed already. More things to come and keep updates here and discord if anything new pops up that you want to talk about for the future
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