I think my brain decayed a little after reading that wall of text,

Grats man, told you long ago this would happen and it's fucking ridiculous that it didn't happen earlier.
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What the fuck dude. Why do you stuff chicken into your pocket?

And thanks for the answer jisse

Why dont you?
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but did you eat it tho?

Hey, I know I've congratulated you in the irc and discord but I wanted to make a post on your thread.
Congratulations, I remember you emerging in the community while I was in Urban, and it's been wonderful to see you progress and get to this level of creativity and innovation, and often times surpass those that inspired you.
Well done. Well deserved. Holy shit we pisswave bros
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Hi jisse. i want to let it be known that while I thought your work was underappreciated. i was very glad to be proven wrong. i started my shabby modmaking on a good foot as i was awed by the quality and time your mods must have taken. i wanted to imitate it, while i obviously could not achieve this at my current skill. instead i was taught something that i desperately needed, dedication. it took a bit to fade but im still left with awe today. for that i thank you. i dont know you very well as our interaction has been limited, but you have affected me more than i had realized until now. modmaking has taught me some valuable lessons i couldnt have dreamed to sought after in my state, its calming. that isnt to say my temperament is well but it is better for sure. i can only define you as i know you and that is a great role-model. Nothing less. chances are i would not be welcome here if not for you. TL ; DR: thank you

i have decided i will sculpt something for you in the modmaker. embarrass me.


after reading this i find it ironic that my "dedication" had faded. i meant that i put a enough time in to make something decent for my skill.
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art horder. i like art.
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Thank you so much friends I am flattered and honored

The future is looking lit both in and out of game

In 2018 we getting TC and booty

fuk u my music taste is the best
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hi jisse I'm going to wipe you off the BoR at some point.

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no you're not r

I literally just did
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