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Remember, that one Discussion Thread? ALPHA TEST
A way for me to talk while im high and still be productive, and also bring a little spice to the clan board!

we do not support illegal drug use..

Okay, so reply by re-typing every red thing before the first comma but with different words, that's it. I wanna try something really cool I got really high and thought of. Its a game, so originally I was Looping, a term made by my friends and I, in which you believe that you are not comprehending your reality at a normal rate. Kind of like the refresh rate of a computer screen, when normally, without the influence of weed (other psychedelics have their own forms of looping) you feel like you are seeing exactly what is happening at the very moment. Imagine that but you feel like you are in the now, yet you are thinking, and responding seconds behind what you are really hearing or touching or see, or tasting even. And you are frantically trying to catch up with the reality you are chasing. Looping is in a sense, noticing that you are thinking at a normal rate within your reality, and also making yourself believe that you are not. Causing you to believe that you are nothing processing reality at the natural human rate. The sole cause of Looping is emotion. Without emotion we would not be motivated to do anything, as the ultimate human goal is happiness. From suicide to curing cancer, they all ultimately lead to this single emotion in some way. Your ultimate goal in life is happiness, the same as Hitlers... believe it or not.

MIOI, the maximum amount of information that your eyes can send to your brain in one instance.
In these diagrams only:
'|' represents: reality
';' represents: MIOI

a. - - -;|- - -
b. ;- - - |- - -
c. - - - |- - -;

(The further from reality, the more discomfort the person will feel.)
Diagram A. depicts reality and your perception of it at the same rate or, normal.
Diagram B. depicts the state known as Looping, in which you believe you are not processing your reality as quickly as natural, and are trying to "catch back up".
Diagram C. also depicts Looping in which you believe you are ahead of your reality, so you believe you are processing faster than normally possible.

All types of highs fall within the spectrum of the Loop I control. Therefore everyone who as gotten high enough, to experience what is known as "vibing" has experienced the Loop.

Do you think I've made a good evaluation? Why? Or why not?

thank you for reading/thinking/discussing <3

If you do not Follow instructions, you will not notice the game.
not convinced? Proof:
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