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oh hey it's tedster, haven't seen you in a while

Yeah... I've been quite inactive. :c But certainly plan on fixing that.
Hi my name is Grahita, and i've been playing Toribash since 2016 and my interest in replaymaking in late 2016 or early 2017's, i've been intrigued to do single player replays by seeing people like Dezrai and all the other stock folder replaymakers.

My main account was Manitoda but now my main account is this. So i'm more of a ukebasher than your average sparrer, but i'm still on the learning steps of being a sparrer, by the way i'm gonna go 14 this year but you can still count me as 13.

So why i want to join Vector is :
1. I've stopped completely on MP, i took my focus to SP now and i'm gonna focus on my goal in getting into ORMO.
2. Most of my friends are here and i think i could really enhance all my technical abilities with the help of you guys.
3. Karbn once asked me to join but that was before i stopped MP completely. Now i only play MP for events and all that kind of stuff.

I'll leave a few replays or you can even check my replay thread here and here.

Thanks for giving me the time guys.
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well, I've been chatting with him for a while now I'm know him good enough to tell that he is pretty cool to have around, he's always near to me in my activity areas such as replaymaking or sparring (RSO and OCO servers).

I don't even have to say a thing about his replaymaking skills, go ahead and check it by yourselves (seriously, he's great).

I would totally recommend him as a member.

You have my big yes, sir!
[Vector]Aadame> dam pat with his mod skills
Join RSO's Server

Do you need help? PM me!
Simon: And that's a yes from me. That's four "yes"s, see you in the finals
Punish me Daddy~
Well then pretty much invited.
No rejections so far and I don't see a reason why he should be rejected.
Moving on to trials then^
trials usually last a week and if you're getting accepted depends:
if you kept posts regularly (that includes replay/art too)
if everyone wants you to stay, it's like a second voting turn

I think I'm gonna quote this on the OP, job well done Lionet.
Grammar issues though, I'll fix that for ya.
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