I found myself another freshie >:^)

Can't really watch the replays rn cuz stuff and things. Looking at what you've written though, you seem like a fine lad. You do art, you're honest, and (going from what halue's said) you have potential. Not gonna give my vote yet, so I'm just gonna give a "Yes" as a place holder for now.

lowkey drunk and can really make a good decision rn

Add me on discord bruh Lotus Darling#4172
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in terms of replaymaking I can't say you are very noticeable but you still can showed what you got! >:O

what I like the most is the fact that you are a sparrer, which brings me joy and obligates me to invite you to RSO organization '~' (give it a look later)

I don't want to extend this reply too much because I'm not really caring about skills here, but you didn't impress me much with those replay and you will need to impress us at some point (or at least show you still can rock) in your trials etc but it's not the time to talk about this. Also I don't have a formed opinion yet due to your past stuff, it makes me insecure about giving a straight yes to you.

However, it's a great thing (to me) that you was unfeigned and informed us about that, I really appreciate and respect this from you, but I'd rather asking you to hang out with us for a bit and waiting for others replies to have a more definitive response

oh and no discord because I'm in forums more often, if you want mine you can ask later or just go to our #Social thread thing
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heroman application to vector
i think its time...

hello everyone i am heroman14, but everyone call me hero
my real name is jules and i am 14
i love this game i play every day i can in singleplayer and in multiplayer
im not the most active on forum but i will come here when i remember it

my favorite thing to play in ranked
1: handball (in multiplay)
2: parkour (also in multiplayer)
3: trick (multi and single)
4: mas (multi and single)
5: spar (in multiplayer)

in all of these i will become the best in the world (that is my goal and i will try it but i dont think i will make it people are too much talent xD)

what bring me to this clan?
most important karbn, he teached me when i first came to the game which help me get started really good (love you karbn thank you again)
the clan is all good at things and seems to be very nice clan with very nice people

i want to be in clan again where i am with people who like to do in the game what i do aswell (im now in rain clan where i love my time but everyone only do mas and grapple now and my idol there left and now i only have 2 people i really talk to and play with)
im still in rain clan, but i have talked with sushiroll to ask permission to go to this clan and he said it was good for me

i will put some replay i think are cool from mp and sp now (maybe you seen some already because i have posted much, but pretend you didnt x) )

monkey map 1 to show my skill in parkour
ladder to show my skill in climb
laucha mas to show my skill in a competetive mas
hero sushi style to show my skill in self spar
haku hero go off to show my multi player spar skill

the rest are handball because i want to show off how cool handball can be

i didnt post tricking because i think its my best area but i am not doing it right now because i want a break in it so i can improve more
Attached Files
monkey map 1.rpl (1.66 MB, 3 views)
Hero - Ladder.rpl (1.93 MB, 4 views)
laucha mas .rpl (1.61 MB, 5 views)
[hero] sushi style .rpl (793.4 KB, 5 views)
Haku Hero go off 1ss.rpl (396.3 KB, 4 views)
guzzy handball 6.rpl (599.2 KB, 2 views)
ghostflow heroman handballs.rpl (225.6 KB, 3 views)
shit heroman handball 3s.rpl (412.4 KB, 4 views)
shit heroman handball.rpl (685.5 KB, 3 views)
I don't need to see the replays, I've already seen enough from you to know you're Vector worthy so I'll let these comments aside for now.

Only issue you're probably gonna face to join us is forum activity. We don't demand much of you and if you can talk to us sometimes would be cool, but I'd like you to talk to us more often so we can get to know each other better (something we surely can do in-game too, but most of our members don't go mp too often).

You have my yes here sir, but please have in mind that, in case you are accepted, you'll have to undergo trials that last an entire week in which you'll have to prove your value. In your trials you'll have to please and convince us that you're worth keeping so you better be ready to post regularly (including replays), at least during the trials

then you can go lurk again
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i'm sorry dude, but until you fully commit and leave rain I cannot give a yes on this. show us that you're serious about joining vector and leave rain beforehand and then i'll give my opinion of replays and vote
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I'll give my opinion once I get home and reinstall Toribash

Bruh same lmao
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i'm sorry dude, but until you fully commit and leave rain I cannot give a yes on this.

honestly, this ^
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