Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
I'd say yes. His replays are pretty good. I wanna see more activity from you on the clan overall.
discord: victortb#9592
i never know what to post xD
i try to check forum at least every hour im online or more

but im in game 5 hours per day
I'm going to give a yes, my favorite was definitely Sushi style, loved the choreography. I'm also happy to see handball replays, haven't seen those in a while.
If my vote is still relevant i say yes
Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .
Hi guys, My real name is Otavio Lima, i'm from Brazil, i have 16 yo, i like play basket and do parkour, i think im about to train muay thay or other fight style for self defense, and i like a lot drinking water, xD.
I recently see the open for register to join Vector clan, and for times i like this clan so much, because it have have so much peoples cool, i have friends like Lionet and victortb in Vector, and i like play so much spar,MAS and parkour, i'm sparrer, a decent tricker and artist, i'm doing my set, i'll show how it is going, dont is complet but i'm doing for parts.

i only have done the hand and the head complete.
And i have some cool replays to show to you all, follow me.

I have a problem with english, idk speak much better, but i want learn, and with you all i'll have this chance.
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The124__Rycardo_-_Parkour.rpl (1.11 MB, 1 views)
rune_parkour_map_by_blu.tbm (27.3 KB, 1 views)
Historia2.rpl (2.76 MB, 1 views)
Historia1.rpl (2.45 MB, 1 views)
highrise_rooftops.tbm (30.9 KB, 1 views)
raid_spar_fixed.tbm (35.2 KB, 1 views)
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hey here The

I'll be short here, everyone should know I suggested him to apply and I already knew the app's content so there isnt much about my opinion he doesnt know.
But for the other members, I think his skills meet the expectation of this clan and he's also an artist, bringing more positive points to our clan. The only issue would be communicating because he's not very good with english but his main language is portuguese, and there are me and victor to help him with that, plus I learned english after joining too so I see no major problems with that

yes from me
[Vector]Aadame> dam pat with his mod skills
Join RSO's Server

Do you need help? PM me!
Heroman: seems you have a majority vote. welcome to vector my friend

please remember to read the rules, and be mature about having our tags. I know you will.

you'll be trial for two weeks, where you'll show us your activity and improvement, and by then you'll either become a full member, or you'll be forced to try again in a couple weeks. good luck!
been awhile since we've had some fresh meat.

the124, your replays aren't bad, but I definitely see room for improvement. I notice these are all multiplayer replays, may I see some singleplayer replays?

your artistry is very good, i'm loving how the set is coming along so far. I think the lines between the fingers are too wobbly, but they look really good.
i won't give my opinion until i see some singleplayer replays. good luck!
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hi i'm karbn and i eat ass; love the market overlord
Originally Posted by The124 View Post
i like play so much spar, MAS and parkour...

Aight bois, nice knowin ya
I'm finna get thanos snapped

I've seen him mas before its hot

I'm giving a yes
Punish me Daddy~