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VoC is back !! Big return :)

VoC is Love, VoC is Power, VoC is friendship
Toribash is our Vocation

Guess who's back guys? Your right, is TurDE
It's mean a [VoC] is returning to the top!
It's mean a lot of clan events, bet servers, tourneys etc.
It's mean a lot of fun, friendship and nice time with VoC.
It's mean a lot of wars, watch out other clans, a VoC is most powerfull!

Our clanboard:
Want to join VoC ?:

idk really if this i the correct section for this , but im always happy to see you and (VoC) back , also im on that clan vid :o
this does not belong in the beginners sanctuary unless your offering spots to new guys...
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hi, please don't post in month old threads and don't backseat moderate, regardless of how silly the thread is
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