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How to make custom uke
I've been hearing people in the forums asking "How do you make uke have colors" while people who have videos playing. I am going to show how to do this.

Step1: Open your documents and go to computer.

Step2:Under hard drives click OS(C (depending on what type of computer you have) or the hardrive on the left. Argh stupid smiley

Step3: Find the folder that says "Games"

Step4: You should find Toribash 3.8 (Depending on what version you have)

Step5: Double click and go to custom.

Step6: You should find plenty of names. (People you have fought in the past) Scroll down and look for "uke" and double click it.

Step7: There should be two files that say Item.DAT and HEAD

Step8: There are 3 different ways to do this.
1.You can make your own textures and put them in uke's folder.
2.You can copy textures from other peoples folder and paste them in uke's folder.
3.While in-game singleplayer, you can type "/dl uke" and it will download textures that have mostly acid green colors.

Step9:(Optional)If you want uke to have a different head, you need to delete uke's normal head or put it somewhere else and then put a new head.

This tutorial is similar to the tutorial on how to get free textures but other people can't see them in multiplayer.

I hope this helpled! Comment please!
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