the fact that u can do shit like this just fuckin around in mp is really impressive to me, it's probably not to u since u just understand the fundamentals of the game really well but still

glad ur still sort of around
thank dezrai! Glad to see you're still alive as well
heres some tricking I did with nulu and a really nice pose
Some fun sparkour action with Samy
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tricking with nulu.rpl (807.4 KB, 90 views)
highrise_rooftops.tbm (30.9 KB, 53 views)
sparkour with samy..rpl (2.96 MB, 42 views)
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Grabbed someones bum today and they rage quit on me. I thought my opening to the fight was attractive enough that they'd allow me
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nice slow paste first spar back with rico. pinged part way through. enjoy
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spar fight rico.rpl (471.3 KB, 39 views)
Very good to see you're around again

Cool slower style to what you mostly do but with alot of cool spins and quick things bunched in aswell.

Cool spar overall!, now i wanna see your more agressive side again