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I rap now
hey guys!
i didnt write anything for a long time here and am quite inactive currently.
Things are im working alot and sideways i found a new hobby some time ago.
I wanted to share it with you to see what my fellow toribash comrades think of it
Cheers brothers and sisters!

Softwares used:
Fruity Loops
Adobe Premiere Pro
Idk what the beat producer used for the beat (i guess Fruity Loops too)
[20:47:04] <hampa> send me 10000 tc and I name the kid after your account
[20:56:22] <Cobra> You've sent 10000 TC to hampa.
[20:56:41] <hampa> Cobra, a very manly name
ok when are you putting this is on spotify, i would definitely playlist this

love the lyrics and you flow so well, and your voice oh my god
i especially love the vocals at 1:08

only thing i didnt like was your hat covering ur cute face the entire video

also good to see you again cobra, i'm nugget btw :^)
You've earned toribashians cool points. Thankyou and good luck making more.
bruh.. coubruh.

Actually that one is a decent piece.

The only thing i can advice (like i was asked, lel) is to play with voice accents (?), because your rapping sounds too monotonous.

I'd rate it 6/10 for my personal taste.

Waiting for feat with Ken
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Great flow and love the whole vibe.
Your voice fits the music stupidly well too, waiting for more stuff.
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