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toribash thread about replays from brazilian toribash members Arakata and Lionet
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#MM - Debut.rpl (359.2 KB, 22 views)
<[Vector]Aadame> damn pat with his mod skills
Need help? PM me! Reach me on Discord: Lionet#1325

Watch my Replays!

PS: replay above is a collab ^
Fuck I know its all twitchy, rusty or whatever you want to call it but it´s been like 5 to 6 years since my last real activity so cmon, go easy on me. Still worth watchin, still worth playing. Will be using some old stuff I did in the very past to get some more interesting results. Selfspar coming soon. Also believe it or not, never tried a manip in before. Still have the feeling I should do something entertaining with that decaped head but let it be for now. Been ages since I screamed BOOM in front of a screen and I just laughed again with this game somehow. Big thanks to Lionet for the attention in my comeback the real ones are always there.
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just twitchin around.rpl (542.4 KB, 12 views)
Factory. Sometimes sleeping.
Lionet is dead, blame him.

Sen Hatsumi inspiration. Trust me, its still a wip. much more to come.
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Scene 03.rpl (266.5 KB, 11 views)
Factory. Sometimes sleeping.
Thanks Epoch!

I am using Kris' hacking script to make the fractures and to keep tori and uke stable when they start flying due to game mechanic problems, but suddenly all my saves get corrupted and I have lost an awesome progress (ignore everything after I get off that neck choke in scene 10). I will try to figure out a way to fix it. Motivation gone to zero.


Edit: fixed by C/P'ing the first 625 frames from a fine save I had here into the corrupted version using the notepad. still cant edit or save anything, but will search for help. if anyone knows anything about it just dm me, I will be really grateful.
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Factory. Sometimes sleeping.
Working on a better version of the first selfspar I made in 2017.
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Factory. Sometimes sleeping.