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Hello, Hello!

I tried making a competetive variant of pk tag.

Some features are as follows;

The goal for Uke is to tag Tori to win.

The goal for Tori is to run away, if he hasn't been tagged when the frames hit 0 Tori wins.

Uke is tagging and can ONLY tag with his hands.

Tori is running and can be tagged ANYWHERE.

With saying that, Tori may fight back and can push uke as long as he doesn't touch his hands.

The tagged area will change color so there is no confusion in case it's a one frame hit.

Grav is typical xspar -30.

It's set to 750 frames to make it more competitive.

Timer is set to 120 seconds.

People might ask why are they starting facing each other? Well that's for balancing so that Tori won't have such an easy time running away aswell as making it more fun and easier to chase.

DQ is on so don't step outside the play area.

Evey object outside the play space (red border) has 0 friction, so yes you can use it to push yourself back in but you probably won't be able to stay there. It's made to make sure Tori ain't running away.

If anyone has any feedback I'm, happy to hear it

Gif, Can't get it to work on here so you get the link instead
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