Spar With Swexx CNC
Pretty good. Nice single player replay

You need to work on are keeping your momentum going smoothly and chaining your moves together better. You seem to have a tendency of kind of stopping after you do a move and then continuing on and doing another one, rather than smoothly transitioning between them.

You got a bit messy in the punching part and just kind of looked awkward, your punch was slow and after that you kind of just held your arms and let him hit you. Maybe that just comes from a lack of experience with close punching things like that, but you should work on it. I'd say use the end of that swexx/largekilla default spar replay as an example.

At about 400 tf you did a sweep kick and then reversed your momentum. In my opinion that's a big nono, reversing your momentum suddenly is extremely noticeable and it just looks gross. It's usually better to stop first and then start going the other way so it isn't as harsh looking.

That's all the big things I noticed that I didn't like, overall a pretty good replay; if you continue playing often you could easily become a great sparrer.

kEep it epic bro *headbang*
*Smoke Bomb*
Hi Friends Thanks for the Comment Cboh. its very accurate cnc and i will put it in my mind ;) . New replay Appreciate CnC Thanks
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No CnC
Eyy Chilledon is currenty teaching me how to TRICK
CnC is still HIGHLY Appreciated and will always be remembered
BUMP. Need CnC
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Hey, i respect the fact that you are trying to learn more types of replaymaking.
So first of opener was nice, the speed was good, and your movements was smooth. Very nice i would say for a beginner.
First kick was good, you got a nice split but you immediately contracted your knee, why though? It ruined almost half of your replay.
The transition was awful, it ruined your momentum and flow but its ok. The taps were bad. I wouldn't say those were kicks because it didn't look like it had power.

Skeet was nice.
You're good for a beginner but i've known and seen your spars before they are godly.