just one thing to say:
stop doing only corks and hooks.
yes your moves are smooth and look good but you need to do more than just corks
there are tons of tricks out there you can do that'll look x10 times better than corking all over the place.
gj anyway.
Aadame:I'm very signaturable
It's just no one usues my shit .
Thanks for the CnC Alpha
Yeah i was too lazy to think of other tricks.

I guess i reached my 1 month Ukebash Practice ;) . Please CnC
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From frame 360 up until you very first dm you movement was beautiful. Your transitions with your hand balancing uke to the double kick combo positioning uke for your first kick was awesome absolutely remarkable, especially for 1 months progress.

No replay is perfect but always find pride and contentment in your work.

I'm sure you know this but these are all quintessential things for replay making, focus on your movement and positioning from start to finish. Everyone including myself fails to do this but it always help to have it as a reminder. Pace is another important aspect that can sometimes take away from a good replay, the more replays you make the better you'll get at maintaining speed from start to finish.

Watch your replays repetitively to pick up on things such as pace when your editing and viewing your work.

I would emphasize avoiding sudden or hard movements like your head tilting down from frames 410-405, it takes away from the naturalness of tori's body movement so pay attention to things like that.

Your first dm could have been a lot better, same thing goes for your second dm. Bcuz you positioning was a little off for your first kick your second kick was also effected.

Finish your replays I don't do this myself a lot but if your going to go through the trouble of making the replay it never hurts to finish it with a pose. But to each is own, I don't do it a lot of times but it never hurts, but don't half ass endings neither.

Nice job ET