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Directional force/thrust
I think something that would be a great addition to the modmaker is the ability to apply thrust or a force relative to an object or body part's orientation. Currently all that can be done with thrust is making objects and body parts thrust in one static, linear direction, which impedes modmakers abilities to add certain features to their mods.

If you applied a thrust on top or below on an object, and that object rotated 90 degrees, the object wouldn't start to accelerate horizontally, it would keep moving up or down depending on where you had put it. The same applies vice versa, so we can't have an object that is initially moving horizontally be rotated 90 degrees and start moving vertically.

I'm not sure how compatible something like this is with the current engine, however considering this can be done with relative ease with replayhacking scripts I don't think it would be asking too much for this to be implemented, considering how much can be done with this feature.
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