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I used to play this in 2010.

However, other games got to me and I quit this game since then. Used to be a massive addict

Summer's starting, so let's hope with summer comes Toribash greatness again!

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Welcome back, man. Hope you have a nice stance in Toribash. A lot has changed since you left.
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Welcome to the futuristic world of Toribash!
[14:08] <@ego> uncreative fuck R.I.P TL;DR
[14:08] <GoldenRox> That's me all right \(o_o/)
Welcome back! As Retro said, alot of interesting new things have been added.
Welcome back dude!
✦RIP -zzzkie, I'll miss you 2012-2015 #neverforget.✦
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