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Joint States Improvements

I know that there are various ways to change joint states during the game, I usually use mouse sx button (which does the cycle between the four states) and I know of the existence of the X and Z button, but recently I discovered that you can change the joint states even with the mouse wheel.

The problem is that mouse wheel only changes between state of extension and contraction, is there a reason for this?

My proposal would be to make the wheel cycle all 4 joints states , this would give at least 2 advantages:

1) For those who only use the mouse to change states, the wheel is physically faster than having to click the mouse several times.

2) This point is even more important and its what prompted me to make this suggestion: the wheel rotates in two directions and this ensures the cycle that alters joints state can be performed in two directions allowing for greater speed in reaching the desired state and in case it is exceeded by mistake, it will not be necessary to repeat the cycle, because it will be enough to go back using the opposite direction of the wheel.

[If you don't understand what I mean let me explain it with a couple of examples:

The joint cycle using the left mouse button is: Holding (H), Relaxing (R), Contracting (C), Extending (E).
I know that in some cases the cycle has different names or C and E are inverted, but to simplify we consider this order and in any case the fact that the cycles are different does not invalidate my idea.

Case 1: The hip joint is in state H and we want to change it to state R, but by mistake we click twice and we get to state C.
To solve the situation we are forced to complete the cycle and start it again by adding another 2 clicks and making us waste time.
Using my proposal instead, once you've made the mistake, just use the wheel on the opposite side and return to the previous state, which is much faster than repeating the cycle.

Case 2 (more interesting): The joint hip is in the R state and we turn to reach the H state, with the sx button of the mause we should complete the cycle and spend 3 clicks, while with the wheel it will be enough to rotate it backwards to reach the desired state.]

I think this could be an interesting proposition because I know that speed is essential on toribash, especially in multiplayer and this would be comfortable for the player.
But this would increase a player's speed and efficiency in terms of clicks in SP if he wants to adopt this method.

Furthermore, this could be a setting option that will not affect other state change methods so players will be able to continue with the method they were used to without radical game changes, but it will improve the wheel method.

Thanks for your consideration.

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yes why not, this is a nice idea tbh, also with mouse clicks there are multiple gameplay options, for exemple i use mouse to contract/extend, and X to hold / relax, maybe make some wheel clicking modes like the mouse?
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