Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
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Hello guys, I am not a beginner but if someone could help me I would be very thankful.

When I play ranked, I keep doing the command /spectate so I can wait the mod rotates until it gets to ABD (Aikido Big Dojo) because it is the mod that I do better.

I got platinum tier and rank 100 but I still lose some matches, so I'm here to ask for you guys some tips that you could give me to get better at this awesome mod, thanks!
Well dude, i'll give you few tips for This great mod. I was training for 3 years every day and due to such intense training, I became bald and became a Saitama that wins almost everyone with an adversary in the first frames. Are you ready?! Okay, let's start:Beginner level:
1. You must know good openers. Where do you can find it? My answer is very simple: most normal openers you can find on duels (>15-20k). Other variant is bets. There are some good players sometimes too, so you can look at some openers there too.
2. Improve your skill, you must know how to manage your ragdoll, play more, experiment, watch replays of good players, what movements do they use.
3. Be kind :-)

Medium Level:
1. Selfgrabbing. You should know how works grabs and try to avoid selfgrabbing. If you won't know it, more experienced players will grab your hands inside because of what you will be limited in your movements.
2. Don't cycle at only one mod, try yourself in lenshu, boxshu, and other mods to improve your skill more.
3. Don't be wooden, don't forget about relax and force, it's very important. Relax makes your movements more plastic, also relaxed joints reduce chance of dm and frac.
Professional Level:

1. Play on bets, duels. In fact you can start to duel on Medium Level like i did, but you will be banked by more experienced dudes really much times. Start with 2.5k-5k and when you will feel that you're good enough to play for more raise it to 10k. Repeat this many times, but for too crazy bets I do not advise you to play until you gain enough experience. If you lose 2-3 Times, don't hurry to raise, that's dumb idea, stick on your amount.
2. Learn lifts, shovels. Most people will lose by this. But don't use shovels at people who don't use same thing, because this opener considered as dirty.
3. Comeback. If no one used grabs on First frame, probably both of you will fall back, so you must know comeback position(defensive and attack variant). In most cases, the gain will depend on who will get better grabs.

eSportsman Level:
1.On This level of game you must know all varieties of openers and how to counter them. The correct use of the suplex against the lift and shovel is very important, this is a very important ability that will bring you victory. Also, on the contrary, you need to know how to property lift/shovel your enemy.
2. In each of your games you have to make your enemy the most disadvantaged position, and the most convenient for you. Well, how to do this you will understand only with experience(with ton of experience).
3. Most important thing is predicting enemy movements and the counter to it. You must also properly manage your weight to crush the enemy in various situations and so on.
I think that's all, have a nice day. (actually it was small part of knowledges that i gave you to get better .
{(Forever In Your Heart 💚)}