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Public Boxshu
remove the fracs in public2 / public boxshu (KEEP IT V3 AND REMOVE FRACS, DO NOT SET V5)
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Fracs happen way too often in box, i agree, but if fracs would be removed, then publics would be just people skeeting and that's lame, idk
You just lost the game
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no. you cannot skeet if fractures are on lol it literally prevents you from skeeting depending on the opener you use
Skeet is easy to dodge if you know openers that are low to the ground or that make you go immediately to the right or left on the first frames, you just need to see the pattern of the person that is playing, if he skeets like 2 games in a row it means he will skeet VS you no doubt.But I agree with yall
public rooms are there to show the game to new players and all pros take fracs off. therefore, taking fracs off in public boxshu would actually show them the game and prevent the stop that boxshu players encounter when they try to duel and they play the mod with fracs off for the first time to then lose to 3 skeets
Find me ingame and duel me
After playing this game for a long time and witnessing all of the metagames evolve, I don't see a reason for boxshu v3 to have fractures in it. I have never gotten a fracture and thought that it improved the quality of the mod.

In the same vein, judo is only competitive with dismember turned off, as it's entirely too easy to win in a single turn otherwise.

This game from a player vs player perspective is entirely competitive, and keeping up with a longstanding trend in the competitive community is something I should be able to expect out of the staff of this game, especially when it's a huge quality of life fix that takes 5 seconds to change.
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also, the tori's easily break in v5 for some weird reason

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