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Public Boxshu
remove the fracs in public2 / public boxshu (KEEP IT V3 AND REMOVE FRACS, DO NOT SET V5)
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turn fractures off please they suck
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no. you cannot skeet if fractures are on lol it literally prevents you from skeeting depending on the opener you use

"you cannot skeet with fractures on unless you use the opener that lets you skeet with fractures on"

bump turn fractures off there is no legitimate argument against it
turning off fracs would be cool if there was a belt restriction. that way there aren't any skeet spamming green belts
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Don't add QI restriction on public servers. There's a reason why it called public
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literally boxshu moves 50 frames at a time u can't fucking aim a skeet in that mod lol, if they are using the same opener it's pretty simple to contract your knees and extend your glutes and then move to any place in the box u want

this argument is like how the new people who play in public servers will call u a cheater for grabbing lol