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The ability to convert TC to Shiai
You can buy TC with USD, and you can buy Shiai with USD, but why can't you buy Shiai with TC?
I think it'd be a cool option. While you come up with a counter argument/addition, think of what an appropriate TC:Shiai conversion rate would be! Interested in what you guys think of. Me personally, I think a cool 15,000 TC:1 Shiai (making a demon force, I believe 48 Shiai, 720,000 TC.

Also promotes TC sink for a better economy as higher tier items are likely only available to the 2% but are still very highly sought after (and obtainable via Shiai as a no qi item)
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I totally support this, what a great idea! Not only is it a tc sink but also helps all the people who aren't good at the game and farming shiai tokens hard but have some tc to spare for shiai tokens and buy some exclusive or regular items that way, and that's just one of the examples I could think out of my head.
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Okay so what's the point of 2 currencies? Rarity? Difficulty to obtain? 1:15,000 only barely affects rarity and obtainability. What's the point of 2 currencies when you can buy both of them with USD?
Well, you are right in the point of them being usd available, but having a tc/shiai conversion would be the same as having both a tc and shai prices as most items have.