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I haven't played toribash in over 10 years, How do you guys make TC ?
I used to sit in betting lobbies and play ABD or bet on people. I remember I had quit because I lost everything twice. Looking to start over, is there any tournaments or a good way to make money in toribash from 0?

Play in modmania rooms which gives you prize when you reach a certain ammount of wins, the mods change every week, so, this week is boxshu, next week is another going to be another mod, if you want to know more about the reward go check the modmania thread in the event sub-forum, or go to news tab in game client and check more about the prizes that you get when reach 25, 50 and 100 wins.
And the leggang event which the deadline is pretty close(21 march), you chooses path to do, you can do red path which is the hardest and the blue one that is easier.
Other than that, duels/bets are good ways to make tc. And if you didnt got it yet there are global quests you get some rewards such as 3D items - Tc - St, and if you have good ammount of ST(Shiai Token) you can afford items, to sell these items for tc.
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Me personally I go to the market and look for price gaps. Buying things that are really cheap with a gap big enough to sell it for a higher amount. Its a guaranteed way to make money as apposed to betting.
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