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What will be the death of Toribash?
Alright, so I've contemplated this and thought "Toribash is going to completely die someday, but what will it die of?" What do you guys think Toribash will die of, people just leave? An update that removes TC? *cough cough* roblox *cough* or will Toribash just become a lost cause like
Lack of focus on the game. No paying for ads, no investment in outside recruitment, lack of development, and no sponsors.
Staff's inability to appropriately punish repeat offenders or handle user reports, lack of promotion.
People said the same of Runescape. Os is still hugely popular
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Toribash Next it is.
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These are some things imo.
Development in the site and the game. I often feel like they are almost scared to recruit for dev teams such as site devs and game devs.
Promotion in this game for some is very very very hard, even for some players that have been playing for years such as myself.
No ads/promotion. There are literally like no fuckin ads for this game..... So yeah.
I agree. if we could pull up and get a decent ad scheme going we'd be alright, Even youtube ads would make a difference. This is going to shit honestly.