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why are you still involved with toribash
Alright, Nobody should remember me but i used to play this game YEARS AGO. By years, i mean literally years. I believe the last time i played this game was in 2015, but i started somewhere in 2013 or 2014. I legit went to my friendslist on steam to look for somebody and i got sidetracked by this friend who lost his original account password and hasnt logged in for like 913 days. I look in his games and see he has like 150 hours on this game. So i'm like "I should probably go find out if this game is still alive. And i'll be damned. There's still 200 people playing this game. I'm having fucking flashbacks to aikido and parkour. I'm amazing that this game is somehow barely still alive to this day... I'm having so many fucking memories of this game.

to keep from having to close this i'm steering it towards: what in the community still keeps you around? ~P
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With the release of Toribash Next I'm sure there will be a new wave of members.
No telling how big though.
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tabby is cool
its the excellent staff like ponf and william that keep me here

the community is just too amazing to let go of
and there are good memes
and the events are fun
but mostly im awaiting the return of the deadly game @sir
i created the ??? emoji
like a lighter bitch we ignit
well, pouffy, what keeps me around is the though of having toribash next, which will maybe be better, in my personal opinion im pretty sure its going to be worse though. this game is fine as it is, i just want more active people and everything would be fine.

another thing that i enjoy, which is me being hypocritical, i like this small community. everyone knows everyone, and its just nice and comfy. bros will stay bros and shit, im sure you all understand. i like the TC --> USD and vice versa. its an easy way to make money imo, especially for good duelers and betters.

and overall, this is the only game of this much fun, and simplicity. theres no other game around at least similar to this.
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I've made quite a few friends here, playing just reminds me of those times. As many others will say the community.
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Community of this game is really unique, it's hard to come by a game with such active forum side of it.

Also clans, and organizations that bond people together.

It's also amazing how open the staff is.

And to be fair, Toribash is really fun to play, and everyone finds their place in this small community.
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Honestly, that's a really tough question. Toribash is just one of those games that this meme is relatable to;


Once you get into the community, it's hard to get out. It's a really unique community where everyone knows each other, events are fun and everything is overall great. I think the main reason I've sticked around is because of clans. It's really rare to see so many people still be around even after ten years or so.
I check back in every few years to see what's new, cause I made a lot of e-friends here that I keep in touch with.