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What is/was the best toribash player
make your decision and choose
you also can make a top 3 list don't limit yourself
state why you choose the player and in which mod

for me its KamiKo and Sahee
both of these players inspired me in free play replays and some multiplayer mods like aikido
their skill motivated me to keep going hard ingame
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Flash, Oblivion, Shoddy and Haku.are cool in realism stuff yeah

Nuthug in my mind is objectively the best player of all time.
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yeah Nuthug
he was doing the most realistic flips
at one point I thought he plays with 1 turnframes xD
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Nuthug is pretty slick, theres so many different styles, festus did some cool shit and even that knob Fred has some crispy stuff, there's a few different time lines showcasing the skills. But idek what I'm talking about cause I wasn't in ormo

Itemp wounder diamond in mp and that AJ dude
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Killer3366 also deserves a mention for how absolutely dominant he's been since he joined in striking mods.

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Nuthug in my mind is objectively the best player of all time.

Yeh I'm biased coz I love that guy but for me it's NutHug and then everyone else.

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