Golem IV - Rise of MELOG
The best players for multiplayer are/were those that innovated the game with their unique playstyles and the refreshing gameplay they brought with them. Hard to pinpoint a specific best player of all time in terms of MP over the years due to the vast number of talented players over a range of mods, but these sort of lists would never go astray with giving TIcux and killer3366 a mention.
Thanks that you mention Tlcux, almost forgot about him
there were so many pioneers in this game inventing unbelievable stuff
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My time to shine. I would say...
  • Diamond and Killer3366.
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Dargon Moderated Message:
Infracted for having the best goddamn replays in Toribash history.

Diamond, Killer3366, swexx, Nuthug, largekilla, pusga, obvlivion, War_Hero, Diamond, these are just some names i can think of right now. Prob Diamond or Killer3366 are still the best/most dominant when it comes to overall MP aspect, dominating any competitive game mode out there.
I feel as if Lamby at least should get an honorable mention.
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I think yall be misinformed



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Infracted for being too damn sexy