Endurance Onslaught 3.0
Ostrich was very creative, the frames leading up to the first kick were hilarious and eye-catching. Once making contact, the replay becomes pretty generic.

Nice dms, nice moves
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havent done a tricking replay in a year or so

ik i suck

also i decided to try bouncenotramp mod
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how to trick wip.rpl (209.7 KB, 17 views)
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feel free to make fun of me.
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shit replay 2.rpl (198.8 KB, 13 views)
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opener was cool, manip was a bit short lived, core kick is nice, good job. head was a little floppy before you lifted uke, dunno if it was intentional, dont like it personally though.
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anyway, this was going to be an entry for the actual opener challenge, but I noticed too late the ingame client downloaded the previous OC's replay so here it is. Not gonna finish it though. Yeah, it was going to be a full uke dm.
Never trust ingame client kids.
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wip25.rpl (374.4 KB, 11 views)
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idk i decided to make a replay...should i finish this ?
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I Got The Pistol Grip.rpl (582.3 KB, 19 views)
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i might do that Spiral, thanks for your comment... Currently dont have any replays but working on some, any more cnc for the current replay would be apprechiated.
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