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Replay2Instructions -reverse engineer replays!
Hi there!

I've created simple script that writes down movement instructions from replay files.

Hope it'll be useful
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Wow! That works really well!

The only very minor tidbit is that grips appear on the same line as the previous action:
Contracting Right Hip
Extending Left HipGrip Right Hand

Other than that, great!
Re: Replay2Instructions
Thank you! This is incredibly useful.

EDIT: I just realized this could be a great resource for opening moves, if people upload what they see online.
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crap... now people can find out my secret, signature, opening move
heh... nah, thanks for posting this
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Very cool, I have stickied this.
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Originally Posted by Rens2Sea
Would be even better if the replays are also downloadable.

They are =) Click on paperclip image
Re: Replay2Instructions
There still seem to be some bugs with it. If you take a look at how it parsed archery.rpl
It has it ungrip twice in a row without a grip in between.