Endurance Onslaught 3.0
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dud mega cool! 9/10 here's one more i hope it's better than my others...

Dude 9/10 Only one way to describe that... ROLLED!!!!!!!

Heres mine. A simple decap but an epic ending.
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Joyrider89- Head Toss.rpl (16.6 KB, 95 views)
meh, 5/10 cuz it took too long time and it took many hits before itd come off..

I gots 2, my avatar and my replay below XD

Oh god i gots like 50 nice decaps..
hmm, no madman..
no just 1 decap, Over..

I choose:
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! 0Airslaughter.rpl (137.8 KB, 84 views)
! AirSpinHeeldecap.rpl (101.3 KB, 76 views)
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8/10 for both

theres mine
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1111ownagekickly.rpl (49.5 KB, 84 views)
[RelaxAll]Nikelaos:Kickass is chained to this clan with indestructible shackles, his balls are also superglued to the chair.

Uke didnt see what was comming :P 7/10

this move i call

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Rocket.rpl (63.0 KB, 87 views)
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