Endurance Onslaught 3.0
I'm really proud of this one a cool split cap i did.
some honestly awful parkour... but good compared to my terrible parkour skills. this is a good mod i think for people who want to practice parkour, just my opinion
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well i found my charger :P yes i have use a mac. don't judge
working on this one. trying to make the last kick a 3dm hit so it will be a madman. either it will take a day or so to get it right, or someone will have the heart to post something useful
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It does not look life you have received actual cnc, and I haven't gotten the chance to do real cnc for a while so here goes nothing:


Frames 500-469
The opener was practically non-existent, which I suppose is a matter of opinion however lacking something at all makes it look very lazy. I did not like the way you immediately contracted both of your elbows. It was a bit awkward. Your entire body seemed to be really stiff and awkward as you half spun towards uke. This lack of opener and awkward stiff spinning may be because of the set engage distance but it doesn't look that great. If you took a bit more time in creating a well thought out opening the overall replay would have improved.

Frames 468-450
The grab was weird. I understand grabs for the purpose of pulling off something cool or just for the purpose of grabbing as a theme of the replay but before what is essentially a basic snap-kick seems unnecessary and lazy, especially when the kick does not really do that much.

Frames 449-400
Your wrist had a damn seizure. While readjusting for the second kick you became really twitchy and it just looks rushed. The replay overall is kind of twitchy but here is where it is the most apparent. The second kick had "hype" You built it up with the transition as if it was going to be impressive however with only one dismemberment I was let down.

Frames 399-300
You made it look again like a nice kick was coming and then... nothing. I do occasionally make a similar mistake with a false kick but its really not something to include. The entire time you are in the air getting the two grabs is essentially 50 frames of nothing happening. Once you have the two grabs it still seemed a bit slow twitchy and awkward. The dismemberments you had achieved by smashing uke's body together was cool and a little creative. People don't do that much anymore.

I dont like that kick. It was unnecessary.

The pose was weird. Not awful but weird.

Overall I am not talking the replay down, just pointing out things to look at and try to fix.

Keep making replays and trying to improve

If by chance you want to return the favor you can find my thread linked in my signature. Go to the last page.
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Ealtrik you are my fucking hero, thank you thank you thank you! the last kick was just for it to be a madman (only had 4 dms, is a madman 4 dms or 5dms? a few replays are confusing me with that) the opener, ya i can agree. i shouldn't go on about the cnc you gave but THANK YOU
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