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Thigh Texture Wanted
At the moment I don't have the tc but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make me a thigh and calf texture with the Helios color... I tried make one myself and it didn't turn out very well.
I moved your thread to the correct section.

Also, you cannot open a thread requesting for art when you currently don't have the TC for it.

Originally Posted by Market Rules

A) Do not use other peoples art work to demonstrate what you want, this encourages plagiarism.

B) Try to explain what you want in as much detail as you can, in both post and thread title, and always include what your budget is.

C) Descriptions:
.....I) Describe what colours you want, and what resolution (size) you want the image(s) in.
.....II) Avoid words like 'cool' or 'detailed', as they don't tell the artist anything.
.....III) Words like 'rough' and 'smooth' are useful.
.....IV) Styles like 'vector' or 'painted' help a lot as well.

D) You must pay at least the originally quoted price to the winning artist(s).

E) Specify if you want only new, original art to be posted or if you do accept premades as well. If your preferences are not clearly specified, it should be assumed that both types are being accepted.

Feel free to reopen this when you have the TC and Correct information.

Have a good one
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