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Starcraft Infestor WIP
Making an infestor from the starcraft series



Making it in Maya, Zbrush, Substance painter and photoshop. Haven't started texturing yet. And there are some overlapping elements in there that needs to be fixed and a couple of various things.
sure, it is balanced on my screen, but every screen is different ^^


here is the color scheme I'm going for.
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Damn cool thing, I wanna see you texture something like this really good though. Most of the stuff I see from you usually have a really simple color placement.

Sweet stuff, as always.
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Really cool even if personally I would go for a dark green instead of the purple but it still looks nice.
the back legs feel much more unorganic than then the big ones in the front

i added this pig to illustrate how they appear to me better

the back how a much rounder appearance which clashes with the design but the front one looks nice and edgy
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fixed some overlapping, and the legs.


also added a ton of small details. Also fixed the UVS for texturing.
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was a bit bored, so gonna work some more on this old model, right now Im working on the background, the ground on the right side looks super flat :P