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[Old AS][Week 6] Holidays
Hello guys, week 6 now

This week's topic decided to be about holidays and vacations since its the Christmas and New Year period.

Whats your favorite holiday?
Where have you gone to holidays before?
How many times?
And many more question which you can think of.

For me my favorite holiday will have to be in Velingrad, Bulgaria in 5 Star Spa Resort with my GF and friends. I have been there 6 times. Every time for at least a week. Getting away from anything you do in your daily live and relaxing so much there makes me feel so good and well rested.
ayy my favorite holiday was when i went to turkey, go there pretty much every year but not recently because of terror threats been 5 times before its so nice and all the spa's are like 5 stars :P
Mine would be going to Bali. I pretty much go there once a year with my family and sometimes with my cousins. In total I've probably been there 8 times or more because it's quite cheap and very relaxing.
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Mine was when i visited my home country (Cameroon) in July 2012. It was quiet fun and enjoyable really.
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Mine was when I visited my home island Zanzibar, I've gone there 4 time so far. The beaches are amazing, the food there and you can do so many things there. I love it.
You all have been on some far away vacations (at least from me). The farthest I've traveled for a holiday was to Louisiana (Baton Rouge area) to see my aunt and go to an LSU football game with my step-dad.