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Buying troubles.
I bought a 128 X 128 join pack for 20 ST and I did not receive the items. Is there an admin that can help me with this.
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What is the account that you used to purchase the items? Your current one never had 20 Shiai Tokens.
I transferred items recently
I bought it on Sergeyator and transferred it but when i transferred it i didnt go through and none of the accounts got it.
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When did that happen? There's been no trading-related activity on Sergeyator account for about a year now.
There is a bug where it wont show activity on someone even trading etc.
My account Myserm i used to have i was on fourms yesterday and its says about a year ago
Myserm's last successful login was almost 3 years ago and there were certainly no login attempts for it yesterday (or this year in general).
Can you please tell us when you attempted to buy the pack and what the account was? None of the accounts you've named so far ever had 20 ST to begin with.

While there might be a chance that you stumbled on some weird shop bug that took away your ST but never added the item nor created a transaction for the log, there's no way that every time you received Shiai Tokens the shop was broken - and only for you alone.
Before anything's sent to you, a starting point might be to give some evidence that this happened in the first place.