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51 Votes / 45.13%
No - Members
42 Votes / 37.17%
No - Activity
9 Votes / 7.96%
No - Organization
11 Votes / 9.73%
Voters: 113. You may not vote on this poll
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To be honest, I think that "Too many official clans" isn't at all a valid reason for saying no. Rather make a petition to MBK.
A Man Of The World...
"No" is winning at 33 to 24 :O I urge you guys, save TB from hell and vote no! They do drugs, molest little children, and hunt whales in their spare time! AND THEY DRIVE GAS GUZZLERS!!!

How to complain in style: GG, Mahulk.
why would you say such mean things to us??
[Sin]Killer111 3rd DAN BLACK BELT
When You Hit A Wall, Dont Stop, Go It All Out
I see no reason why not. They're decent enough people.

And do all those 33 'No's actually count when the reason is just "too many clans"? It's not a valid reason...
I voted yes, unlike other clans I see OMAGA quite often, it's kinda surprising and despite my hate for their names, I can respect that activity.
-I am Unsatisfied.... the blood of children is not enough, no... I need fresher.... I need... TEENAGE PROSTITUTES!
-RelaxAll, for the soul, heart, mind, and any drug addictions you may/may not be suffering from!
"Also please note that sometimes the staff gets a wee bit pissy.
If you encounter a moderator when they're in a pissy mood, and you get banned... All I can say is: BAD LUCK" -Veb
There? Small right? Feel happier? Yes you do! OH YES YOU DO!... pls?
actually i never saw anybody from this clan...
shame i cant vote no again...seriosly peeps yes is winning..
u gonna let this guys become official?!
That's A Five-Nine in ya Face!!!
Skillz That Killz!.!.!
As of now which is 7 minutes after you posted it is 30 yes votes and 25+4+4=33. So 33 > 30. Think again....
"When the pin is pulled, Mr. Grenade is not our friend."
-U.S. Army Training Notice
*breaks door*
No's are winning by 3 lulz. If you guys get official, I'm declaring war, and I think every other clan who voted no will.
How to complain in style: GG, Mahulk.
could you stop ranting and explain your reasoning (Besides killer) our clan is very reasonable!