Free Run Frenzy 5
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Hey fellas,

Instead of making a new thread for every release, I'll just do what everyone else does and continue posting them in this one thread.

Been caught juggling quite a few things at once, but we should be on the path of releasing consistent music from here on out.

A promotional push is currently in the works for the CHESHYRE project, so for those interested just bear with me a while longer while we sort out that front.

I appreciate everyone who's expressed interest in these projects, and everyone who's been listening.


If you're familiar with my work, you might have heard an extremely old track of mine "FACE", that I released something like 5 years ago on my Soundcloud.

Even though the project itself is actually 8 years old, some have actually quite enjoyed it despite its many flaws. So this newest release is for those people.

"FACE II" is the first release in an upcoming series of voice related works.


Let me know what you think, thanks again!