Toribash Season 7
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Some items
For sale:
* 2x 128 body
* Supernova glow
* Christmas Globe
* Packed diamond tori
* Armblades
* Elbow pads
* Raygun
* Titan force
* Pure force
* Demon Horns
* Kunai Holster
* Mana pack
* 2x512 body
And other items in my "For sale" set
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nope, my request on pure FORCE there has been below 24k at least for some days now, maybe when the market price was stll high that was also higher but now with it being around 33k also my buy order has been way lower

Although I apparently had over 24k on pure RELAX

Edit: guess you were referring to my 27k request on IMPURE force, it's a different item
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