Sandalphon's Toribrawl Tournament
Ada wing flame gak?
Chronoptic energy bursts from one plane to the other, evaporating anything

Drawing on the energy of matter from all worlds, unravelling the time

Astral orb crackles while raw energy lances out, temporarily disrupting

The Outworld is awash in arcane energy, diffuse through Harbinger's rifts

The vent through which such stellar energy flows is mere atoms wide

From winter's heart comes a cold, healing embrace
Flame 8 all my tc
( ^ω^)RIP TGS 2013 - 2019( ^ω^)
Flame Forger
Cmon, i need to get rid of thoses lil fuckin babies arse.
I'll give a very very little slightly discount for each of them to celebrate this fuckin holidays.
Best bargain evah!
Flame 8 60k?
L and R

Open for counters

Flame 12 25k
Omg heloo
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Hey guys, I need your help