hey how much for a flame from the chest the isa rainbow colors and shins on my chest
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it is between 70 / 90k...

here you got samples

the ammount of the emit will determine price, here are 2 flames wich value is 80k
i was thinking something like this
i didnt feel like uploading it anwhere so i put it as a ttachment
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Ok jesse, I pmīd you.
People! this shop closes on 27th, because my forger expires then, So, I am offering flames for forge price+5/10k only!
Reading that^
Now you are making flame forge only for 5-10k? o_o
If it is like that ill buy haha.

EDIT: well then, sorry for useless post :l.
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no he forge you a flame what you want and he mke only 5k/10k profit
so 1 flame orignal price is 70k he giveyou only fo 75-80k
o shit only tc ,but i have pure force and platinum lax and virdian force:P
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im n0t on there
So would that price reduction mean that the 80K flame I was going to buy would be reduced to...70 or 75K?
a mix between these two flames(color of bottom one and particles of the top.

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