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Oh wow. I'm an idiot. Sorry I got you mixed up with another customer. :x

Well what's sad is... There a bunch of idiots that want to get a flame for 20k and give out ridiculous offers. People like this screw up the economy when idiots like the flame owners sell them so cheap.

But anyway, back at topic....

Both feet = 85k
Void hand = 60k
Long foot = 65k
Vamp. hand = 59k

IMO. Very reasonable prices.

Feel free to quote that. And post it where ever you are selling thous flames.

I've already gotten a 120k offer on the feet but I love them so I doubt I'll sell.
Void hand is reasonable, same with golden foot.
Vamp. Hand is about 75k though because it's a changing trailer.
Could I give you everything except the two void/vamp feet in exchange for 200k worth of your flames?
No thank you. I'm really picky with my flames... And really only like having the ones I forge.

Thanks for the offer though.
Breaking rules is bad
LB: Business is slow. :v No matter, that only means increase in stock.

New flames coming up! Also a new Exclusive flame has been up for sale.

>Click for Exclusive flame<

Breaking rules is bad
Post and picture(s) of the flame(s) in it's default shader no particle please. And what would you like in return to your flame(s)?
Breaking rules is bad