Sandalphon's Toribrawl Tournament
What is the best way to make a skeet shot? I've done a couple myself but they were awkward and didn't really fit into the replay all that well. I know that it depends on the situation, but what is the best way?
Best if it flows with the madman.
A bit like this.

You really don't need a skeet every replay, and obviously, in that replay, I was kinda lucky the head happened to be there for a nice skeet, so I took advantage of it (like your girlfriend.)
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What's a boomhit ?
1 frame or 1 hit ?
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A boomhit, contrary to popular belief, does not have to be in one frame. If one single hit causes three or ore Dms, it's a boomhit.
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as was discussed before boomhit is 3+ dm's with one hit in 3 (or 5 I dont remember) frames
As long as it's within a very short timeframe, any 3+ DM's from any single strike with any single limb can be considered a boomhit. That's my opinion, anyways. AKA basically what Marco said.
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